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Five Waves of Globalization: Riding the Wave


1.  First Wave: Inclusion of the rest of the world
2.  Second Wave: Expansion of global Trade: protective tarrifs
3.  Third Wave:  Reballancing the Equation
4   Fourth Wave: Circular Economy Adjustments
5   Fifth wave :Equal Opportunity Enterprise
6.  Institutions that add value

 NGOs EducationSocial EnterpriseProfessional NetworksFoundations 7.  Principles for riding the waves

  What is an enterprise?  Be what you are hand off what your not  What is government?    Be what you are hand off what your not   How they work in balance   Carrot or a stick? Incentives vs Penalties   What about people not in government or enterprise?    We do what we measure      Continuous improvement: its about organzational Learning   non-situational Integrity   Owning errors    Mercy

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